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Baum Guitars builds custom shop guitars by hand in our workshop in Aarhus, Denmark. We strive to create unique guitars, which is why we have spent countless hours on designing and developing every single handcrafted Baum guitar. Our own Goldsound pickups are hand wound too, and you will find a custom shop module on every model site, where you can create your own Baum guitar.
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Every Baum Guitar is handcrafted and to the customer’s requests. We use the best materials and hardware from Schaller and Bigsby, and every piece of wood is carefully selected to match each other. This, along with more than 20 years’ experience of craftsmanship, ensures that every guitar meets our high standard.
We believe that players deserve the best instruments, and we spend that extra time to fine tune, improve and perfect everything. That is a Baum Guitar.

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Handcrafted pickups
for a Goldsound

Goldsound Pickups are handmade in Denmark and are unique to Baum Guitars. The handmade range of pickups consists of crisp single coils, raunchy mini-humbuckers, stacked P90’s and wide-wound single coils.
It is the Baum sound – and your sound.

Our ambition was to create an outstanding pickup, presented in an aesthetic and vintage design. Every pickup is wound to be as dynamic as possible so that it represents you and nothing else. To be honest, we are quite proud of these.

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I have always had a passion for woodwork, design, and guitars.
With 20 years experience of building guitars for myself, I decided that now was the time to be serious about my passion; I wanted to build the finest guitars.

This is the story of Baum Guitars.

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Every Baum guitar is handcrafted, and all our carefully selected materials contributes to the unique guitar. As a part of our Baum sound, we have designed our own hand wound pickups: Goldsound pickups, including single coils, P90 and mini humbuckers.

Our designs originate from classic, vintage elements in combination with our love for the modern esthetics and perfect playability.
Build your Baum guitar with our custom shop module on every guitar page.

We build guitars in various shapes with either semi-hollow or solid bodies. Our range includes offset, t-style, reverse, double cut and many more.
Hardware is the best from Schaller and Bigsby, and we use handmade strings from Stringjoy, USA.