A lifelong dream

I have always had a passion for woodwork, design and guitars.
After building guitars to myself for more than 20 years, I decided that now was the time to be serious about my passion; I wanted to build the finest guitars.
This is the story of my establishment of Baum Guitars.



My name is Morten Bau, and this is my story.

My parents had a workshop in their basement, in which I spent countless hours as a child. I was drawn towards woodwork from an early age. The transition from a piece of wood to a finished product was something special to me, and throughout the years, I built bows, ships, skateboards, speakers etc., in that tiny, but special basement.
Spending all those years in that workshop gave me an in-depth knowledge of the qualities, strength and weaknesses of wood – and experience to get the best result out of each piece of wood.



1989 is a very special year to me – 1989 was the year, I built my first guitar.
My elder brother had a band, and used my parent’s basement to storage his gear from time to time. I found his bass-amplifier in the corner, dusted it off, acquired a guitar, plugged it in and turned it up. That moment became a turning point to me.
My interest for designing and building something unique grew, so I built my first guitar body with nothing but a piece of alder and a chisel.



I have always had a passion for drawing and designing, and my first job with these qualifications was as an illustrator and poster designer. I educated as Art Director in 1998, and I have worked with design and concept developing ever since.



I fell in love with guitars and everything about them; their shapes, the tones and the stories they tell. But since I could not afford the guitars I wanted, I began building my own instead. Through 20 years, that has become quite a collection of all sorts of guitars: my take on classic models or something crazy. I have lost the count, but I have learned from every single project.



2015 is another turning point to me; Baum Guitars was established.
Baum Guitars is the culmination of my experience in design and building guitars, and the name comes from my own: Baum is the combination of my last name Bau plus M from my surname – also Bau means ‘to build’ in German and Baum means ‘tree’in German. That is what I do.
My goal with Baum Guitars was to combine my own design, with unique sounds and the best playability possible, and the first prototypes were designed in 2015.



The first models laid the foundation to what later would become the LEAPER as known today, but the early design featured a smaller body and a 24.75” neck. I built four of these prototypes, before I changed my design. Today, all Baum guitars features a 25.5” scale neck and some entirely different pickups; our own Goldsound Pickups. Only four of those short scale models exists today.



A red thread in the production line of a Baum Guitar is the handcrafted element, and since the overall vision is to build a unique guitar, it was quite obvious to collaborate with the Danish pickup manufacturer Søren Lücking, to develop our unique, hand wound Goldsound Pickups.
It is a series of vintage looking pickups with a clear and well-defined sound. No muddy low end or thrill high end. Just an open and dynamic pickup, that reacts and responds to every little touch.
The range has expanded quite a bit throughout the years, as we keep designing new guitar models, which requires a new sound.



We got in touch with Alex Vargas, who was fascinated by the classic and simple Conquer 59, and we designed the Jab-master pickups with Vargas’ input. The Conquer 59 was delivered to Alex Vargas in the summer of 2017, where he played at Smukfest, Denmark in front of 25.000 people.
The Conquer 59 with serial number #001 travels around the world with Alex Vargas. We are honored!

This is the story of how Baum Guitar started. We have a vision to design and develop the coolest, most beautiful, best-sounding and most playable guitars. Guitars that feels like a dream. Guitars that feels like your other half. Guitars that suits you in every stage of your career – from the bedroom, to clubs, to studios and major scenes around the world. We will make a difference in your perception of how a guitar should look, play and sound. Design your own Baum Custom shop guitar and we will build it for you in our guitar workshop in Aarhus, Denmark.