Who is Neu Mannas?

I’m Neu Mannas (CA). I sing and play guitar for The Matchstick Skeletons.

Which Baum Guitar do you play?

I play the Leaper Tone.

Why Baum Guitars?

They’re just ridiculously good. I’d never seen anything like them before.

The Leaper Tone in particular just dropped my jaw. The design was bold but refined, subtle where it needed to be, and boisterous where it needed to be. It sounds and plays beautifully, and willingly accepts the enormous amount of abuse I throw at it on tour.

Morten made me my dream instrument and it’s been with me at every concert and studio session since.

Why do you play guitar, and when did you begin?

I came up as a bass player but when I started touring with my previous group Head of the Herd, I chose to switch over to guitar for touring. That being said, I’ve always approached the instrument with the fundamentals of bass. That led to the unique style of The Matchstick Skeletons. I play because I cannot not play. It’s how I communicate and connect with the world, but it’s quite a different language from singing/lyricism.

It’s my way to say something the words can’t.

Photo: @katherinemariecolwell

“It’s how I communicate and
connect with the world.”

Let’s have some music before we move on to the next question!

How would you describe your style of music?

We love funk music, and the rhythmic elements of those tunes have had a big impact on us. That being said, we are rock n’ roll. We like to call it a James Brown/Lemmy love child.

Who were your early music influences? And have they changed today?

I grew up in a house with a lot of jazz, soul & classical music, and whole lotta divas. Whitney, Tina, and the like. But it wasn’t until I started my first band at 13 that the switch really flipped in my head. I just became obsessed with Rock n’ Roll and then funk music. There were elements of the Doors that scratched the jazz itch, but I was constantly blasting Nina Simone as loud as I was Nirvana. The love of funk has only grown. You need to see George Clinton before you die. It will change you.

Your best and/or worst moment on stage?

Ha! Fuck, well this question has brought up some hilarious memories. I’d say the worst has to be playing in Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada (look where that is on a map), and having horrendous food poisoning. I hurled on stage during song 2 of a 17 song set. Kept it going, and in the break before the encore I’m in the alley losing my guts and I look over and in the car parked next to me, 2 people were getting in on. We were having very different evenings.

The best has to be the first time I was thousands of kilometers from home and a crowd knew every word to one of my songs. That’s a feeling I’ll never forget.

Where do you see yourself/your band in 5 years?

On the road. I love making records, and I love touring even more. I’m doing some film scoring which I’ll continue to do, but I want to come to tour Europe more than anything.

Neu’s Leaper Tone waiting to be strummed

Photo: Red Lenses Photography

Zeppelin, Beatles or Queen?

That’s a loaded question if I’ve ever seen one! 3 juggernauts obviously but if you’re going to make me pick, I’ve got to say Zeppelin has meant the most to me over the years.

Your three favorite albums?

Another loaded question!! haha. Fuck. That’s impossible. Here’s a batch that I’m loving right now. 1999 – Prince, Ziggy – David Bowie, St Elsewhere – Gnarls Barkley, Songs for the Deaf – QOTSA, Channel Orange – Frank Ocean, Live at Carnegie Hall – Nina Simone.

Your desert island rig: 1 guitar, 1 amp, and three pedals.

Leaper Tone, Hot Rod Deluxe, Cathedral Verb, Aquapuss delay, & Microsynth.

Which 3 songs should people listen to, to get to know you better?

The Know-How EP is 4 songs so I’d say just head there.

What would you do for a living, if you did not play the guitar/write music?

Cinematography is a big part of my life artistically so you’d find me with a camera in my hand.

Where can we listen to and buy your music?

Anywhere you stream music/iTunes. We have vinyl for sale at www.thematchstickskeletons.com as well. Better than that though, come see a show!!

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