Who is Olav Christensen (US)?

My name is Olav Christensen (US) and I am all over the place! I master music for other artists, collaborate with lots of amazing musicians and record my own compositions under the project name DVR! I am in the process of releasing a concept vinyl album about the end of the world, (You know! For the kids!)

I live in Brooklyn, NY, but I am born and raised a Dane which makes me feel like a fraud half of the time! Ha!

Which Baum Guitar do you play?

A vintage sky Baum Verge semi-hollow with a bigsby!

Why Baum Guitars?

I was looking for a hollow or semi-hollow body guitar and then watched one of Stefan Fast’  (aka The Pedal Zone) demo where he used a Baum. I fell in love immediately. To me, it is the apex of art and craftsmanship!

Why do you play guitar, and when did you begin?

I’ve been a drummer and vocalist for many years but I always wanted to be able to play guitar. A few years back, my wife bought me a cheap squire Strat and I was hooked. That turned into several guitars, a bass and I don’t know how many guitar pedals. Taking up guitar, changed the way I approach a song. I am by no means a shredder and consider myself a mediocre player at best but there is something about strapping on that guitar that makes my creative juices flow in a way nothing else does!

There is something about
strapping on
that guitar
that makes my creative juices

flow in a way nothing else does!


Let’s have some music before we move on to the next question!

How would you describe your style of music?

That is an impossible question to answer.  I go from electronica weirdness to straight up singer/songwriter stuff in a heartbeat! I try to keep everything separate in neat little boxes but they always seem to get mixed up!

Who were your early music influences? And have they changed today?

I think influences change depending on what we are exposed to. Having said that, I have always been a huge admirer of Daniel Lanois. I was fortunate to see him live here in NY recently, playing his lap steel with “Venetian Snares”! A mind bending experience.

Your best and/or worst moment on stage?

Both with Roxanne, my Police cover band as a vocalist. Worst, but also kind of epic moment was our lighting guy using pyrotechnics and setting fire to kites that were part of an art project at a high school in Denmark! We had to stop the concert to clear the audience away from the falling burning debris! I will never forget that. The students that had made the elaborate kites were heartbroken but super stoked to get a t-shirt and an apology from the band! We got off very easy on that one!

Best moment? Same band, playing in Berlin, in front of a truly appreciative audience. This was half way through a tour that had the band in complete sync. Best gig ever.

Where do you see yourself/your band in 5 years?

Boy! I have no idea! If the world doesn’t end, I’ll probably record more songs. I know for certain that I’ll be playing my Baum if I can still hold it!

Zeppelin, Beatles or Queen?

All of the above!

Your three favorite albums?

Right now?
– David Byrne: American Utopia
– The National: I am Easy To Find
– Venetian Snares X Daniel Lanois

Ever? Too many to narrow down to just 3!

Your desert island rig: 1 guitar, 1 amp, and three pedals.

Guitar? Easy: My Baum Verge, of course! Amp? Either a Benson or a Black Volt Amp!

Pedals? Montreal Assembly – Count to 5. Fairfield Circuitry – Shallow Water. Drolo FX – Stammen V3.

Which 3 songs should people listen to, to get to know you better?

1: From my EP “Down”: Track “Your Shoes”. This entire EP is written on my Baum and every guitar part on it is recorded with that.

2: from coming album “All Good Things” (Release date: Friday, September 13th):

Title track “All Good Things”

3: From the same album: “This Is The Day” featuring my good friend Bjørn Ginman playing that delicious solo!

What would you do for a living, if you did not play the guitar/write music?

Exactly what I am doing! Mastering! When I am not taking care of my daughter or playing guitar, I master music.

Where can we listen to and buy your music?

All my music is on Bandcamp and you can find it here!

You can also find my website here!

Otherwise, my Instagram feed is all about pedals and noise. Go check it out!

That’s all – thanks for reading! What can you do now? You can either listen to more music from Olav and DVR, read more blog-posts or design a custom guitar on the site. Or practice! 


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