Tailored tone by hand

Our Goldsound pickups are the backbone of the characteristic Baum Sound.  These premium pickups are handcrafted in Denmark with the best materials to achieve the well-defined and classic Baum tone.

The series consists of five different pickups. The wide-range single-coil: Jabmaster. The stacked P90’s: Bluesstack. The mini-humbuckers: Goldbucker. The sparkling single coils: Vintage 69. The classic P90: Rewind 52.

Each pickup has its own tonal quality – Find your unique tone below.


Goldsound Jabmaster


The Jabmaster delivers excellent clean, blues and rock tones, with an outstanding voice that combines the single coil’s sparkle and the humbucker’s midrange and raunch. The Jabmaster uses an Alnico 5 magnet in combination with a lower and broader winding. By broadening the windings, the reactive field is increased and the pickup pick up much more, much better.
The Jabmaster will deliver a punchy and precise response, and this pickup will pick up every little nuance.

Goldsound Bluesstack

Stacked for enriched articulation

The Bluesstack is wound with an Alnico 5 and stacks two P90’s.
This results in a lively, but more compressed tone than the true single coils. However, it retains a lot of the same characteristics. The Bluesstack suits styles requiring everything from a crisp clean tone to a fairly overdriven tone.



Goldsound Goldbucker

Vintage humbucker sound in a smaller size

The Goldbucker is the loudest, raunchiest pickup and delivers everything from fat cleans or smoking blues licks to classic rock tones.

The Goldbucker is a mini-humbucker with attitude. The medium output will push your amp into natural overdrive, full of harmonics, frequencies, and character. Turn the volume knob down a bit, and it will clean up nicely as well whilst remaining bright and clear.

Goldsound Vintage 69

Fresh, fat & full.
And wonderful too

The Goldsound Vintage 69 strives to recreate that special single coil sound from the 60’s. To us, that is the sound for a single coil.
It is fat. It is well-pronounced. It is clean and silky, yet powerful. It is dynamic and delivers whatever you ask of it.
Our inspiration comes from the sixties – but this is such a timeless sound. It defines centuries rather than decades.