Meet Baum Guitar Artists from
around the world.

Alex Vargas



“This is the most incredible guitar I’ve ever played, and I’m crazy about the aesthetic look”

Alex Vargas won the Danish Soloist Award in 2016 at the Danish Music Awards because of his natural talent for great songwriting and unique voice. Alex Vargas combines electronic elements with the electric guitar and creates a unique atmosphere – give it a listen! Vargas’ main guitar is the Baum Conquer 59 with Goldsound Jabmasters.

The Conquer 59

Anders Folke



“Morten has built a guitar that has everything I’ve missed with my other guitars – and so much more. Baum is completely unique.”

Anders Folke Larsen is the guitarist in the Danish rock band The Minds of 99. The band won “Karrierekanonen” hosted by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation in 2013 and they’ve won several Music Awards since then. Folke and the rest of The Minds of 99 are some of the most energic performers on the Danish scene right now, and their opening on the iconic Orange Stage at the annual Roskilde Festival is still considered one of the best…

Folke plays the Baum Conquer 59 with Goldsound Bluesstack.

The Conquer 59

Kasper Falkenberg



“My Conquer 59 is such an inspiring tool for me. It’s high quality, sounds stunning and is very pleasing to the eye. I just love that guitar!”

Kasper Falkenberg is one of the best guitarists in Denmark – and one of the nicest too. He accompanies e.g. Rasmus Seebach & Joey Moe and he writes/produces songs for lots of other artists too. That is why Kasper Falkenberg is one of the most coveted musicians in Denmark right now. Kasper Falkenberg plays a Baum Conquer 59 with Goldsound Goldbuckers.

The Conquer 59

Neu Mannas



“The guitar sounds and plays so nicely. The guitar techs were super impressed as well. And they’re a hard bunch to impress!” : )

Neu Mannas’ latest project is called The Matchstick Skeletons

– A James Brown/Lemmy love child nobody asked for. Check them out!

Neu Manna plays a Baum Leaper Tone wit Goldsound Bluesstacks.
Photo: Joe Miles, ShotByJoe Photography

The Leaper Tone

Olav Christensen



“I only have unconditional love for my Verge! To me, it is the apex of art and craftsmanship!”

Olav Christensen is the sole founder of DVR, an eclectic compendium of rhythm and art, carried on tidal waves of guitar, synth, and soul. Olav Christensen plays a Baum VERGE with Jabmasters.

The Verge

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