Handcrafted in Denmark

The Goldsound pickups are our own, unique pickups, all hand wound in Denmark.
The series was developed to match our guitars and play a part in our signature Baum sound.
Our ambition was to create an outstanding pickup, presented in a beautiful, vintage inspired design. Goldsound pickups are sized as a either a Single Coil or  P90. But that is just the size – the construction of the pickup is nothing like a standard P90.

 Overall, the pickup is designed to deliver a desired and distinct voice with a fantastic blend of sustain, clarity, dynamics, compression and wide range of frequencies. We call it the Baum Goldsound.


Goldsound Jabmaster


The Jab-Master is hand wound in a simple way. Using an Alnico 5 magnet in combination with a lower and broader winding, results in pure charisma. By broadening the windings, the reactive field is increased and the pickup picks up much more, much better.
This pickup will deliver punch and precise response, and this pickup will pick up every little nuance.

Goldsound Bluesstack

Stacked for enriched articulation

The Bluesstack is wound with a Alnico 5 and stacks two P90’s.
This results in a lively, but more compressed tone than the true single coils. However, it retains a lot of the same characteristics. The Bluesstack suits styles requiring everything from a crisp clean tone to a fairly overdriven tone.



Goldsound Goldbucker

Vintage humbucker sound in a smaller size

The Goldsound Goldbucker is the hottest hand wound pickup in our series. It is a (low/mid) output mini humbucker and wound on an alnico 5 magnet. This gives it plenty of bass and treble – and attitude. It’s wound for loud.
The Goldbucker pickup is P90 dimensioned as the rest of our range.

Goldsound Vintage 69

Fresh, fat & full.
And wonderful too.

The Goldsound Vintage 69 strives to recreate that special single coil sound from the 60’s. To us, that is the sound for a single coil.
It is fat. It is well-pronnounced. It is clean and silky, yet powerfull. It is dynamic and delivers whatever you ask of it.
Our inspiration comes from the sixties – but this is such a timeless sound. It defines centuries rather than decades.


To complement our unique guitars, we have developed our own retro vintage Goldfoil inspired pickups. We have chosen that our guitar pickups are installed in P90 measurement, so you can choose whether you want the sound from our humbucker, singlecoil, stacked P90 or jabmaster in your Baum Guitar. All our Goldsound Guitar Pickups are very silent and hand wound in Denmark. Goldsound is the unique Baum sound with lots of power, punch & personality.